Julie Fisher, M.Ed.

Julie Fisher is the author or The Resiliency Puzzle, founder of The Social U, the former director of BBFA, a nonprofit parenting education organization, a seasoned educator and a sought-after keynote speaker. She gives tons of presentations every year on a wide range of topics to parents, students, school staff, administrators and community members. From Managing Digital Footprints, Internet and Social Media Safety to the Keys to Increase Resiliency in Kids and more, Julie is a recognized authority within parenting and education circles on 21st century student and parenting issues.


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Mark A. Fisher

Mark is a Principal & General Counsel, leading Strategy and Administration at MJFisher Group. He is an accomplished business owner/executive and an attorney who has an exemplary record of leading organizations to achieve both near term profits and long-term growth.  Mark’s leadership, strategic, analytic, problem solving, and business development skills have driven our impressive growth over the last 2 years. Previously, Mark helped lead the transformation of a small retail insurance agency into one of America’s 100 largest Insurance Brokers.