Julie Fisher, M.Ed.

Julie Fisher is an educational consultant, a seasoned keynote speaker, and creator of The Resiliency Puzzle, a book and curriculum for parents and educators.

She founded The Social U, a tech company that developed a proprietary technology tool to deliver social media "report cards" that identified for users, posts in their history that had the potential to cause them problems in their future pursuits.

She served as the executive director of Building Better Families through Action (BBFA), a nonprofit parent education organization, focused on educating parents and the community about risky teen and child behavior.

She is a former high school teacher with experience teaching in public and private schools, both urban and suburban.

Julie is a sought-after speaker and educator with 25 years of experience speaking to and working with thousands of parents, educators, school officials, kids, and teens on topics related to twenty-first-century parenting, with a focus on technology and mental health.


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Mark A. Fisher

Mark is a Principal & General Counsel, leading Strategy and Administration at MJFisher Group. He is an accomplished business owner/executive and an attorney who has an exemplary record of leading organizations to achieve both near term profits and long-term growth.  Mark’s leadership, strategic, analytic, problem solving, and business development skills have driven our impressive growth over the last 2 years. Previously, Mark helped lead the transformation of a small retail insurance agency into one of America’s 100 largest Insurance Brokers.