Clean Up Your Online Presence This Spring

Clean Up Your Online Presence This Spring

In April we start thinking about spring.  As our thoughts turn to excitement over warmer weather and the anticipation of leaving home without a heavy coat, we also start thinking about the opportunity to air out and lighten up in anticipation of summer (think open windows and wearing anything other than the color black).  It’s at this time of year that we start thinking about taking inventory of our lives and getting rid of anything that isn’t helping us live the life we want live or be the person we want to be – in other words, it’s time for spring cleaning. Let's extend our idea of spring cleaning to our online presence as well.

For many people, spring cleaning means going through their closet or junk drawer and making decisions about what to keep and what to throw away.  While those overdue chores are worth our time and effort, we need to add something else to our spring cleaning list – spring is also a great time to clean up our digital footprints.

We need to get into a regular habit of examining our digital footprints and purging anything online that doesn’t represent us well.  Like it or not, we live our lives online, and others make judgments about us based on what we post.  Sometimes in a moment in time, we feel a certain way and want to share our thoughts online, and at that moment it seems like a good idea to post.  We need to recognize that while our yesterday self thought sharing certain images or thoughts was just fine, our today self might recognize that what we shared might be misconstrued by others or doesn’t represent us the way we thought it did.  We need to take the time to review our posts and shares and consider what should stay and what should be removed from our online profile.

Spring is a great time to lighten up and consider all the possibilities that summer has to offer.  While you are lightening up your closet, your wardrobe and your home, don’t forget to take the time to clean out your online profiles as well.

Julie Fisher, M.Ed., is the founder of The Social U and consults with schools, organizations and individuals through the MJ Fisher Group.  

Twitter: @Julz Fisher, @the_social_u