College Applications Complete? Don't Get Too Comfortable

Just Because Your College Applications are Done Doesn’t Mean You Can Post Whatever You Want Online

The regular decision college application due dates are fast-approaching and with most high school seniors either finishing up their final applications or relaxing a bit because they’ve gotten all their applications submitted, many students start to relax when it comes to posting online.

The truth is that anytime during the application process admissions departments could check out your social media posts.  (In fact, some students have had college admissions offers rescinded after receiving acceptance letters due to inappropriate social media posts that displayed poor quality of character).  Colleges (like companies) are protective of their brands and students who show truly poor judgment online can negatively affect a school’s brand.

Don’t think that just because you changed your name on Facebook or Instagram that you’re free to post anything you want and be safe from it affecting your future.  There’s no such thing as real privacy online (even if you have privacy settings turned on) and when you post, you open yourself up to judgment.

Regular decision letters do not come out until April.  Don’t take a chance and mess up your opportunity for admission because you think now that your applications are turned in, you’re in the clear.  You’ll never know if or when an admissions officer might check your social media so make sure that your social media profiles stay clean throughout the whole admissions process.

On a final note… take care to steer clear of posting senior year spring break photos that might show you in compromising positions or involved in activity that’s illegal in the United States (even if you’re 18 and in a country where it’s legal to drink at 18, highlighting your activity online is never a good idea).

Julie Fisher, M.Ed., is the founder of The Social U and consults with schools, organizations and individuals through the MJ Fisher Group.  

Twitter: @Julz Fisher, @the_social_u