Why High School Students Should Be On LinkedIn

Most people think of LinkedIn as a site for adults who are looking for jobs or to expand their networking opportunities.  Few think of it as a useful site for students when in fact, it can be really useful for them.

LinkedIn offers students the ability to store all everything they've done during their high school career - it's like a online resume for students that they can update anytime and access anywhere.  It allows them to store their course information, upload projects they've created, record all their community service opportunities and extracurricular activities, list any honors and awards they've received over the years and of course, keep track of any employment opportunities they've taken advantage of.  It also allows them to keep track of skills they have and to connect with people, businesses and organizations that are of interest to them or that may help them with college, scholarship or job opportunities.  

College LinkedIn pages allow students to connect with schools, research schools and take a look at a school's alumni and programs.  LinkedIn also provides students a way to showcase themselves online outside of more traditionally social sites where students are more likely to interact with friends and post inappropriate words or images (you can add your LinkedIn profile URL to your college application so if schools are looking at social media, they'll see that profile and how professionally you present yourself).  

For better or worse, social media isn't going away and many schools are going to continue to use it in the college admissions process so why not make sure that what they see represents you in the best possible light?

We work with students to help them setup their LinkedIn account and ensure it makes them shine online.  Contact us for more information on our one-on-one consulting programs.


Julie Fisher, M.Ed., is the founder of The Social U and consults with schools, organizations and individuals through the MJ Fisher Group.  

Twitter: @Julz Fisher, @the_social_u