We offer a variety of consulting services to meet the needs of individuals, schools, businesses and organizations on issues related to education, resiliency, technology and parenting.  

Who We Can Help:

  • High School Students

  • College Students

  • Parents

  • Adults Looking to Re-Enter the Workforce

  • Schools, Administrators, Faculty

  • Organizations

  • Businesses

Some Options We Offer (list is not all-inclusive):

  • School or organization social media policy plan - we audit, create, analyze, update and assess social media and internet usage plans for schools, districts and organizations
  • Your personal online SWOT analysis
  • What does your current personal brand say about you vs. what would you like it to say about you
  • How to use LinkedIn to keep track of all your relevant high school coursework, community service activities, extracurricular activities, jobs, honors and accomplishments
  • Creating your LinkedIn profile (if you don't already have one)
  • How to use social media to stand out to college admissions officers
  • Connecting with colleges through social media
  • What college students should include in their LinkedIn profile as well as how to make connections on LinkedIn that can/will help you during your internship or job search
  • How to update your other social media pages to highlight your personal brand to employers
  • Finding jobs and internships on LinkedIn
  • Cover Letters and Resumes – best practices and how they differ from LinkedIn
  • Transitioning between jobs or back into the workforce after a period of time away (for individuals)
  • What does your current personal or organizational brand say about you vs. what would you like it to say about you
  • What should be in your LinkedIn profile and how to stand out on LinkedIn (and creating one if you don't already have one)
  • Making connections on LinkedIn & using the site to help your job search (for individuals)
  • How to update all your social media pages to highlight your personal or organizational brand to employers or potential members or customers
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Sexting
  • Practical Parenting
  • Resliency
  • Stress and Anxiety (related to students, schools and parents)
  • Competitive Parenting
  • Over-scheduling
  • Parenting in an age of Technology
  • Social Media Safety

and much more...


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