Julie Fisher, M.Ed.

Julie Fisher is the founder of The Social U, the former director of BBFA, a nonprofit parenting education organization, a seasoned educator and a sought-after keynote speaker. She gives tons of presentations every year on a wide range of topics to parents, students, school staff, administrators and community members. From Managing Digital Footprints, Internet and Social Media Safety, Teen Stress and Bullying, to Competitive Parenting and more, Julie is a recognized authority within parenting and education circles on helping students and their families manage 21st century student and parenting issues.

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Social Media, Online Safety, Personal Branding

College Student, High School Student & High School Parent Programs

Topics covered include:  Personal Branding & Digital Footprints; Mistakes teens make online – why, how to prevent; Examples of real-life online teen mistakes; What admissions officers say about social media and why they and employers look at social media along with statistics; Difficulties teens & parents face with regards to Digital Reputation Management; Tools parents & students need to manage social media; Why you should be using LinkedIn in High School; Your Social GPA™ & Social Media Report Card – how it can help you

Middle School or Elementary School Parent Program

Topics covered include: What is a Digital Footprint & instructions for how to manage your Digital Footprint; Mobile Devices – cell phone readiness, rules, etiquette, texting trouble; Social Media – why they make mistakes, examples of online kid mistakes, tips to avoid problems, apps to be wary of; Sharenting; The Myth of Multi-Tasking; Privacy Settings & Parental Controls; Your Social GPA™ & Social Media Report Card – how it can help you

Middle School or Elementary School Student Program

Topics covered include: Mobile Devices – etiquette, password tips, texting trouble, risks to avoid; Social Media – pros and cons, why kids make mistakes and how to avoid them, examples of real-life kid online mistakes, rules for social media; Your Social GPA™ & Social Media Report Card – how it can help

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Parenting in the 21st Century

Competitive Parenting

Parenting has become a competitive sport.  We’ll discuss the pressures parents feel today, how competitive parenting affects kids and ways to avoid competing with other parents


Learn about parental controls, game and app ratings, gaming platforms, how gaming affects kids and teens and get some suggestions for how to control gaming compulsions

Anxiety & Stress

Kids & teens today are anxious and stressed out.  They feel pressures their parents never encountered. Parents will learn what teens & kids are stressed about and how to help them deal with their stress.

Allowing your Child to Face Adversity

It’s hard to allow your child to fail at anything but allowing your child to fail often leads to them learning how to succeed.  Parents will learn how failure and success are linked and how that link affect academic and future success.

Over-Scheduled Kids

Kids today are so busy it’s hard for some of them to find independent “play” time.  Many don’t even know how to entertain themselves if they’re not involved in a directed activity.  Parents will learn how to find the right balance for their children and family.


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