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Family Tech Consulting and Coaching

Want to talk about your own or your family’s tech use with someone who can help you learn “the rules” and how to navigate the world of parenting digital natives?

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Family Technology Solutions™   

Raising a family amidst 21st Century technology can be bewildering for even the most diligent and engaged parents.  Our proprietary Family Technology Solution™ provides a tailored approach to each family’s distinct needs and comfort.  Screen time, Parental Controls, Gaming,  Privacy and Social Media: we understand the issues modern families face and know how to help you address them.

Family Technology Assessment™             

The first step toward the solution is understanding the status quo.  Our proprietary Interview & Assessment an audit of your devices, platforms and providers, but it deeply evaluates each family’s tolerance level.  Access to technology and the Internet is rarely an all-or-nothing proposition.  Our Assessment allows us to provide a Plan that fits your family.

Family Technology Plan™            

Equipped with the information from the Family Technology Assessment™, we prepare a custom Family Technology Plan™ that guides your family from your current state to your desired level of security. 

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Crisis Intervention          

Occasionally, modern technology creates or exacerbates a family crisis, and we are here to help.  We have consulted with families about: sexting by minors; cyber-bullying; in-app spending run amok; teens who meet strangers in real life that they met online; family tech rule-breaking and more.

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Presentations and Workshops

Live Parent, Student, and Educator Programs

Book Julie to speak to parents, students, or educators on topics related to growing up in the digital age. Sample programs are below:

College Student, High School Student & High School Parent Programs

Topics covered include:  Personal Branding & Digital Footprints; Mistakes teens make online – why, how to prevent; Examples of real-life online teen mistakes; What admissions officers say about social media and why they and employers look at social media along with statistics; Difficulties teens & parents face with regards to Digital Reputation Management; Tools parents & students need to manage social media; Why you should be using LinkedIn in High School

Middle School or Elementary School Parent Programs

Topics covered include: Screen-time; What is a Digital Footprint & instructions for how to manage your Digital Footprint; Mobile Devices – cell phone readiness, rules, safety, etiquette, texting trouble; Social Media – why kids make mistakes, examples of online kid mistakes, tips to avoid problems, apps to be wary of; Sharenting; The Myth of Multi-Tasking; Gaming issues; Privacy Settings & Parental Controls; Appropriate tech use; Mental health concerns relating to technology

Middle School or Elementary School Student Programs

Topics covered include: Mobile Devices – etiquette, password tips, texting trouble, risks to avoid; Social Media – pros and cons, why kids make mistakes and how to avoid them, examples of real-life kid online mistakes, rules for social media

Live presentation fees start at $200 but vary depending on location, group and length of program(s). Click the link below for details.

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Online Parent and Student Educational Videos

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