“Julie Fisher is the real deal.”

“Julie Fisher is the real deal, who speaks on some more uncomfortable topics with parents. She comes through matter-of-factly, but with sincerity and genuine advice. She opened both eyes and dialogue among our parent body.”

-Julie, school principal

“Excellent presentation.”

“Excellent presentation. Appreciated current facts and statistics. Enjoyed the personal stories she shared. Great suggestions about eliminating digital distractions and time management. Took a lot of great information away from this.”  

-Stacy, parent


“I don’t know why every school doesn’t have Julie Fisher speak to their students. No one else is really teaching us what is and isn’t okay to post as well as how those posts can affect us in the future. I’m glad my school brought her here to speak to us.” Rachel, student


“I work for a company where I start off every interview asking candidates to show me their social media accounts because it is so important in the business that I am in. Julie did a great job talking about how to use social media to benefit yourself while addressing the pitfalls in mistakes children make.”  

-Meredith, parent

“I didn’t realize how what I post might look to adults who view my social media profiles.  I learned a lot from Julie’s presentation.”

-Alex, student

“Thank you Julie Fisher for an amazing presentation to our seniors! ‘What you do online is like a tattoo.  Remove it and it still leaves a scar.’ Julie Fisher Rocks!”

-Megan, high school college counselor

“Great presentation by Julie Fisher  about students’ digital footprints.”

-Jeff, school principal


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