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Technology Consulting and Programs

Julie works with families, students and educators on issues related to technology use, overuse, and burn-out. She provides keynote presentations, workshops and one-on-one parent and family consulting. In addition, she is pleased to now be able to offer families her new Family Technology Solutions™ program which includes a personalized assessment of your family’s tech use and needs along with a detailed plan of action for your entire household. Click to button below to learn more about this service as well as what else Julie offers.


The Resilency Puzzle Consulting and Programs

Kids today seem to be less resilient than they were in previous generations. It seems like lots of kids today don’t quite have the coping skills to deal with adversity and lack the ability to persevere when the going gets tough. In The Resiliency Puzzle, author and curriculum developer, Julie Fisher provides a model for parents and educators to understand how kids CAN develop the skills they need to cope with adversity and persevere while gaining strength, character, and the fortitude to succeed. There are a wide variety of ways to learn about this program so please click the button below for all the details.